Audi Specialists, Stockport, Hazel Grove, Manchester

Audi Specialists

Audi Specialists

We ARE Audi Specialists based in Stockport, on the South Manchester – Cheshire border, in Hazel Grove.

We are probably the BEST Audi Specialists in the WORLD

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Audi R8 Specialists Stockport, Hazel Grovel, Cheshire

Audi R8 Specialists in Stockport

Are you looking for an Audi R8 specialists in Stockport? Somewhere reliable to repair or enhance your beloved car?

Then you have come to the right place.

James, owner of Audi Doctor has been repairing and enhancing Audi’s for longer than he cares to think about.

Trained at a main dealer, James decide to set up his own business offering main dealer work at affordable prices.

You only need to walk in to his impeccable workshop to know that this guy knows what he is doing.

So if you want to have your Audi repaired or enhanced, you know where to take it.

If you have got any questions or want to know roughly how much something will cost you, use the forms on the website and James will get back to you instantly.


Or call him now on 0161 487 3770 (Or Mobile: 0793 246 6310) during working hours.

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Audi R8 servicing at unbelievable prices! Unbelievably affordable.

We are based in Hazel Grove, Stockport and have clients all over the UK that trust us with their precious vehicles.

Call today.